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Soccer in Cite Soleil – L’Athlétique d’Haïti

“A hero is a kid who accepts responsibility to uplift himself in the most adverse conditions, maintains himself, and really does succeed in changing his life.” – Boby Duval

Soccer player at L'athletique d'Haiti, Cite Soleil, Port Au Prince, Haiti

Soccer player at L’athletique d’Haiti, Cite Soleil, Port Au Prince, Haiti

Vision is the ability to look at something and see what it might become.  Boby Duval is a visionary and human rights activist who has fought for social justice all his life. In 1995 he bagan working in Cité Soleil, the poorest, most violent slum of Port Au Prince, Haiti.

There he founded L’Athlétique d’Haïti, an afternoon program for underprivileged youth designed to use sports (mainly soccer) to teach life skills, raise self-esteem, and acknowledge and nurture the dignity of every child. The program was planned to create a safe environment away from the overbearing stress of their harsh living conditions, with it’s walled fields literally providing the kids a place of refuge. Continue reading »

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