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3 Years after the Earthquake – A Story of Survival

A mother tells how she and her son survived the earthquake in Haiti, 3 years ago today.  The following are her words describing what happened. The photo is of her son.

“My son was playing with his friends downstairs
when the house started shaking.

I was on the second floor taking a shower.  Then I was outside.  When I went to look for him I couldn’t find him.  That was at 4:00 pm.  We kept looking for him.  It started getting dark.  It was nine o’clock when we found him.

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Haiti Mobile Health Care Clinic

An open stairway climbs the outside back wall of a church in the village of Lorie, in rural northern Haiti. It leads to a low abutting roof, a gap in mason covered wood slats, and a view into the church.

The photograph below looks in from behind the pulpit, and across the nave and pews. The furthest point is the front door. The day before people filled the sanctuary to pray. This day the area has been transformed into a medical clinic.

Over the past 8 years, the Haitian Caribbean American Organization of Texas (HACAOT) has brought a team of doctors and medical professionals to Haiti every November, to run a mobile health clinic and treat the medically disenfranchised. They stay in a house in the northern city of Cap Haitian.  Each morning they leave at dawn, travel to an area in need, and set up a full functioning healthcare clinic. They work non-stop until dusk, pack up, go home, and do it over again the next morning.  Typically, 250-300 patients are seen each day.

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