Living Cite Soleil – L’Athlétique d’Haïti Soccer Families

Bridge over river of sewage leads to Cite Soleil, Haiti A river of sewage demarcates Cite Soliel from vacant land to its north; symbolic of the regard Haiti’s elites have for the people on the other side. Ostracized, isolated, and crime ridden, the area has been left to fend for itself. Part of Port Au Prince, Cite Soleil has a reputation of being the worst slum in the western hemisphere. Enter Boby Duval. Through his youth development program,  L’Athlétique d’Haïti, Duval has brought hope to thousands of families, children and elderly in Cite Soleil.  Since 1995, L’Athlétique d’Haïti has grown to provide sports training, nutrition, and medical and educational assistance to more than 2,000 children daily. For the majority of them the meal given at L’Athlétique d’Haïti is the only meal they’ll eat that day. Continue reading »

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Soccer in Cite Soleil – L’Athlétique d’Haïti

“A hero is a kid who accepts responsibility to uplift himself in the most adverse conditions, maintains himself, and really does succeed in changing his life.” – Boby Duval

Soccer player at L'athletique d'Haiti, Cite Soleil, Port Au Prince, Haiti

Soccer player at L’athletique d’Haiti, Cite Soleil, Port Au Prince, Haiti

Vision is the ability to look at something and see what it might become.  Boby Duval is a visionary and human rights activist who has fought for social justice all his life. In 1995 he bagan working in Cité Soleil, the poorest, most violent slum of Port Au Prince, Haiti.

There he founded L’Athlétique d’Haïti, an afternoon program for underprivileged youth designed to use sports (mainly soccer) to teach life skills, raise self-esteem, and acknowledge and nurture the dignity of every child. The program was planned to create a safe environment away from the overbearing stress of their harsh living conditions, with it’s walled fields literally providing the kids a place of refuge. Continue reading »

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3 Years after the Earthquake – A Story of Survival

A mother tells how she and her son survived the earthquake in Haiti, 3 years ago today.  The following are her words describing what happened. The photo is of her son.

“My son was playing with his friends downstairs
when the house started shaking.

I was on the second floor taking a shower.  Then I was outside.  When I went to look for him I couldn’t find him.  That was at 4:00 pm.  We kept looking for him.  It started getting dark.  It was nine o’clock when we found him.

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Haiti Mobile Health Care Clinic

An open stairway climbs the outside back wall of a church in the village of Lorie, in rural northern Haiti. It leads to a low abutting roof, a gap in mason covered wood slats, and a view into the church.

The photograph below looks in from behind the pulpit, and across the nave and pews. The furthest point is the front door. The day before people filled the sanctuary to pray. This day the area has been transformed into a medical clinic.

Over the past 8 years, the Haitian Caribbean American Organization of Texas (HACAOT) has brought a team of doctors and medical professionals to Haiti every November, to run a mobile health clinic and treat the medically disenfranchised. They stay in a house in the northern city of Cap Haitian.  Each morning they leave at dawn, travel to an area in need, and set up a full functioning healthcare clinic. They work non-stop until dusk, pack up, go home, and do it over again the next morning.  Typically, 250-300 patients are seen each day.

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Mercy Corps – Healing the Land, Healing the People

You are my brother and I am your brother, fellow man.
Whatever desire comes from your mouth, I will grant,
just as you will grant the desire that comes from my mouth.
– Inscription on clay tablet letter sent by King of Eble to King of Hamazi, late 3rd millennium BC

The town of Petit Bois is located in the upper reaches of a deforested valley, two and half miles long and a mile and a half wide. In the broader landscape, it’s but a wrinkle, part of a tangled mix of ridges and ravines – a small piece of the west-northwest trending mountains reaching from Port Au Prince to St. Marc.

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Boy Cools Off – Petit Bois

Portraits of Haiti – Petit Bois, boy cools off after working in fields.

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J/P HRO Petionville – Earthquake Tent Camp Photographs

One of 23,000 Residents of the JP/HRO, Petionville Tent Camp.

January 12th, 2010 was a typical day in Port Au Prince, Haiti.  The streets were busy, the skies were partly cloudy, the air was humid and the temperature was in the mid 80’s (Fahrenheit).  Life for two and a half million people in the surrounding area moved along like any other day.  Then, without warning, at 4:53 pm, the ground, buildings, roads, structures, people and animals shook violently for 30-40 seconds.  When the quake ended, over 200,000 people were dead, 300,000 injured and 1.3 million were displaced.  The sun set at 5:30 that evening, and the city was dark by 6:00.  It happened in about as much time as it would take you to read this paragraph out loud.

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Hanging Tripe – Cow Intestines

In the back of the Point Sande Market, along the Artibonite River in Haiti, a woman hangs cow intestines on a line to dry in the sun.  Citrus juice from sour oranges is commonly used to clean many types of meat, including this – inside and out.  Once dry the intestines are cut up and used to flavor different foods, rice dishes, and vegetable stews.  Used like a spice, they add a refined meaty flavor.  For people who can’t afford meat, adding bit to other dishes gives a mild taste of beef.

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Elder Abandonment

Her face pulled attention for a photograph.  Local vendors and their story drew wonderment.  The old woman often accompanied her daughter, a regular seller at the Pont Sondet market, along the Artibonite River in Haiti.  They arrived in mornings from the northern area of Haiti’s central plateau, worked the market all day, and left before dark.  Over time the daughter amassed debt, buying on credit and promising to pay later.  Her husband had financial troubles of his own.

One afternoon the daughter left the market without her mother, never to return.  Now the old woman lives at the market.  Other sellers give her handouts and make sure she’s taken care of, yet resent the burden of another mouth to feed. She’s wasn’t supposed to be their responsibility. The old woman is sick and can hardly stand.  She seemed ashamed of being abandoned and showed anger when speaking about it.

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Labadie School Girls






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